Premium Maintenance service

for fire gear

Decontamination of
protective equipment

At Decontex, our specialists carefully apply the unique Decontex Technology procedures and develop for you, a tailored maintenance program including cleaning, decontamination, disinfection and repair of your firefighter gear.

We guarantee the removal of all toxic components in firefighter gear, to below legally permitted levels.


Zero water

Enviromentally friendly

Safe for clothing and durable

Decontamination with carbon dioxide DECO₂FIRE™ guarantees that your protective equipment still protects you effectively: it is clean, disinfected, fully functional.

Without degradation and with all protective qualities intact.

The application

Your gear in our hands. Look, how we can effectively clean them with pressurized CO₂.

Firefighter helmet

The helmet protects the head against possible injuries during firefighting action. The inner part of the helmet absorbs fire chemicals and sweat, which are difficult to remove with standard cleaning products.

Firefighter's hood

Protects those parts of the head and neck which are not protected by the breathing apparatus and helmet. Only a clean and laminated one properly protects the respiratory tract area against harmful substances.

Fire intervention suit EN469

Protects against fire, water and harmful vapours. The safety of the firefighter depends on the functionality of all the layers of protective clothing.

Firefighter gloves

Made of fire and heat resistant material with a waterproof membrane, they enable efficient fire fighting and assistance in difficult conditions. They are constantly exposed to various hazardous substances and microorganisms.

Firefighter pants

Freedom of movement and cool comfort in the most demanding conditions on the Fireline.

Firefighters boots

They protect feet from chemical and biological contamination as well as damage and injury. However, many hours of service, exposure to moisture and heat promote the growth of bacteria and fungi in the boots. This results in unpleasant odour and the risk of skin diseases.

Full body harness

Distributes fall arrest forces across the shoulders, upper thighs, chest, and pelvis.

The Decontex Cleanroom for FireFighter PPE

ISO7 Cleanroom – patented technology

From collection to delivery, our team makes sure your gear is taken care for every step of the way and is returned to you in perfect shape and free from toxic components.

The innovative Decontex procedure guarantees efficient and safe cleaning and decontamination of even the most dirty special gear

Cleanroom for decontamination

01 Transport area

Collection of contaminated gear

We take dirty gear to one of the Decontex decontamination centers

02 PPE automatic RFID scan system

Initial inspection

Protective gear is marked with a radio frequency identification (RFID) code 
to accurately track the decontamination process of your gear.

03 Ventilated stock area

Separated area where your protective gear is stored.

04 Unpack area

Protective gear is unpacked and ready for further examination and treatment.

05 PPE grading system

Our specialists assess the degree of soiling and damage to the gear.

06 Transport box automatic desinfection unit

Properly classified gear go to boxes and are ready for the next stage.

07 Decontex pre-treatment

Before using detergents and LCO2 we get rid off all contaminations which may be removed at this stage.

08 Hardware decontamination unit specialized ozone room

We use safe but effective detergents that work at a temperature of 15°C.

09 Off gassing unit –voc removal

We remove all industrial solvents from gear.

10 Technical area

Protective gear is ready to be thoroughly cleaned by Decontex Machine.

11 Specialized liquid CO₂ Decontamination machine: VOC, PAK, PCV removal

Liquid carbon dioxide penetrates gear and removes dirt and toxic particles.

12 Cleanroom: Overpressure

In this area there is always a flow of air from the inside out and any harmful bacteria and viruses can not enter

13 Analiytic QC control system

A Decontex employee carefully checks whether the gear is suitable for safe use.

14 Repair unit

Our service technicians repair gear, restoring its standards to PN-EN 469.*

*The service is additionally payable

15 Labelling and packaging unit

The gear is clean and ready for the next action.

16 You don't have to go anywhere

We will make sure that the gear is delivered to you on time.

30 min - full CO₂ cleaning process.


It’s not just a contaminated suit that
requires special decontamination processes.
See what equipment you can clean to protect
your safety

Firefighters boots

Firefighter gloves

Firefighter helmet

Fire-fighter's balaclava


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