Decontamination specialists

for firefighter gear

We save those who take care of us.

Decontamination expert and firefighter after a fire intervention

Decontex Group – protective gear decontamination

We are experts in the decontamination of protective gear.

We teach others in the industry how to properly care for protective gear so that it effectively guards firefighters on the job.

We raise awareness of how improper cleaning of fire gear puts their health and lives at risk.

We are right here to support you in your daily fight against the hazards and dangers inherent to the job.

We decontaminate and maintain firefighters’ personal protective equipment and gear

Ballistic gear such as bullet and stab protective gear

Conductive gear

High-visibility gear

Fire intervention gear and equipment

Ambulance and first responder gear

The technologies we use ensure that firefighter’s gear and PPE is:

Physically cleaned

Completely free of all visible soil and dirt

Laboratory tested

Free of odours

Microscopic precision

Fully chemical, biological and physical decontaminated

Biologically and chemically clean

Free from heavy metals and asbestos

REACH and OEKO-TEX standards verified

Functional ready for use