We return your garment guaranteed free from toxic components, for the highest protection against cancer caused by them.

Use Decontex Technology after every fire intervention and exposure to smoke

Introducing the Decontex Guarantee: the promise we make to our customers that we will deliver them fully- decontaminated gear thanks to our Decontex Technology. Learn more about Decontex Guarantee:

Contaminated Fire Gear

Study 1: Toxicological profile of contaminated fire gear

When taking samples of fire gear after one smoke intervention, the European notified body for textiles measured an average total PAH value in the membrane between 143,3 mg/kg, which is almost 15 × times higher than the standard.

After starndard H2O cleaning

Study 2: Toxicological profile of fire gear after standard ISO cleaning with water and detergents

After cleaning the gear according to a standard ISO cleaning process with water and detergents (18 different programs were tested), there was still an amount left in the gear of 92,28 mg/kg, what is 9 × higher than the standard. The contaminants after standard decontamination, the main contamination is still found in the membrane (>90%).

After DECO₂FIRE™ Decon

Study 3: Toxicological profile of fire gear after decontamination according to the DECO₂FIRE™ process

After decontamination with Decontex pressurized CO₂ all contaminants are removed of the gear (=FULL DECONTAMINATION).

Unlike other cleaning and quasi-decontamination processes, Decontex removes all types of contamination, namely: chemical; biological and physical.

We’re able to do this without damaging your PPE, which is not the case with any other professional type of cleaning method. By damaging the gear, the textile starts to slowly break down, making it no longer compliant


Not only do we care for the PPE of our protectors, but we also do our bit in contributing to a greener world. A traditional cleaning process is determined by 4 elements: time, temperature, chemistry & mechanics. Decontex introduces a fifth element: pressure. This optimal mix makes it possible to use less energy.

Furthermore, the toxins that come out of the decontamination process are responsibly collected and safely processed by a specialized company. This means no hazardous substances end up in nature.


After decontamination, we carefully inspect your gear to make sure it has been properly cleaned and to check for damage caused during an intervention. If needed, we repair it according to the applicable standard to assure a completely safe working uniform. Additionally, repairing extends gear lifespan, which equals reducing waste from purchasing replacements.

After the PPE goes through decontamination; repair service and quality control, your now immaculate work attire is ready to be used again during interventions.

Do you also want to enjoy the advantages of the Decontex Guarantee? Take the first steps towards a healthier and safer future