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Unit: Falck Fire Services

Country: Belgium, nuclear power plant in Doel

Type of contamination: various

Since 2018, Falck Fire Services has been using the DECO₂FIRE Service. We regularly clean and decontaminate the clothing and helmets of the crew. An efficient service process led to the expansion of the tasks entrusted to Decontex.

We sort, mark and provide firefighters from the power plant with clean clothes, saving them time and energy.

Unit: Rivierenland Fire Brigade

Country: Belgium

Type of contamination: natural rubber

A fire at the Varec rubber products factory in Mechelen contaminated thirty uniforms with sticky rubber. Experts estimated the losses at 30,000 euros.

However, new suits were not needed. Thanks to the DECO₂FIRE Service, all gear has been cleaned and decontaminated. Today, the garments are still used by the crew.

Unit: Zeeland Fire Department

Country: The Netherlands

Type of contamination: palm oil

The Zeeland Fire Department’s firefighters were unable to remove dried-on palm oil stains. After consulting with Decontex, they received a fully clean and decontaminated garment within two days.
To this day, the Zeeland Fire Department continues to cooperate with us. The unit is very satisfied with the speed and quality of the cleaning and repair services.