Pressurized CO₂ –
universal solvent

Pressurized Carbon Dioxide in liquid form

Pressurized carbon dioxide (CO₂) –
a safe and natural cleaning

CO₂ (LCO₂ + SCO₂) is a natural substance that is colourless, tasteless and odourless. Produced as a by-product of industrial production, it easily penetrates the surface of clothing and other personal protective equipment.

It „sweeps” away dirt and contamination and dissolves chemical substances that are dangerous to firemen’s health and life.

Removes many types of contamination

Soot, sweat, grease, biological contamination (bacteria, viruses, fungi), heavy metals, asbestos. PCBs and chemical substances that are not soluble in water such as; PAHs, oils, solvent-based paints.

Gentle to fabrics

Preserves the protective properties of the materials used in protective gear. Does not cause shrinkage, deformation or colour changes. Guaranteed to maintain functionality.

Safe for health

Does not irritate the skin. No toxic properties. Removes the most harmful particles.

In harmony with nature

Environmentally friendly. By using Decontex you help to manage waste, reduce global warming and water consumption.